Prospective Managers

Incucap's core philosophy is that we view our clients as business partners.

Incucap has experience with investment strategies covering nearly every vertical of institutional real estate and have represented fund managers from across the globe.


We underwrite our clients as long-term business partners, and focus on the people, investment philosophy, and strategy in additional to the actual investments.  As such, we employ a merchant banking model and seek to co-invest alongside our client partners wherever possible.


Given our principal-oriented hands-on approach, we are highly selective in regards to our client engagements.

Our clients include, but are not limited to:


  • First and second time institutional real estate private equity funds, $300 million and under

  • Spin-outs of larger, established organizations

  • Real estate operators and owners seeking co-investment capital directly from institutional LPs

  • Real estate investment managers seeking equity on the platform level

Typical Client Profile

Our clients share the following attributes:


Creative / Differentiated Strategy

  • Next Generation does not mean just age – equally as much, it is a focus on an outside-the-box philosophy for deal structuring or investment strategy

  • Focused strategy with no conflicts; preference towards mid-market transactions; limited competition in their core space or niche

  • Passionate about real estate investing and able to identify opportunities throughout various investment cycles


Long-Term Focus

  • Platform builders with senior teams heavily involved at the deal level while still providing institutional fiduciary capabilities

  • Invest in their employees, not just looking to grow AUM, but grow with the right people with different backgrounds yet similar mindsets

  • Partner owned and controlled platforms with proven track record on their own



  • Forward thinking in their investment strategy

  • Those that do not rely on the success of others or a brand name to generate investments – have established their own relationships

  • Understanding that every deal is critical to their reputation and lose sleep, never believing any decision is easy or straightforward



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