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  • Jonathan Glick

Incucap Announces Launch of Ventures and Search Verticals

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The new platforms will focus on building and scaling real estate operating companies and supporting human capital needs.

Chicago, IL – Incubation Capital Partners (“Incucap”), a merchant bank specializing in advising and investing in entrepreneurial real estate investment managers, is pleased to announce the establishment of two new verticals: Incucap Ventures and Incucap Search. Additionally, Incucap's flagship capital advisory business will be rebranded as Incucap Advisory. All three entities will be subsidiaries of the Incucap parent company.

  • Incucap Ventures will seek to establish or invest in existing, differentiated, early-stage real estate operating companies

  • Incucap Search will advise real estate operators and investment managers on identifying, placing, and supporting human capital initiatives

  • Incucap Advisory will continue to focus on advising differentiated, middle-market real estate investment managers on private capital raising, entity-level investments, M&A, and other strategic opportunities

After more than a decade of solving the challenges faced by early-stage real estate investment managers, Incucap will now more formally serve as a “one-stop shop” for managers in growth mode, providing cohesive solutions across financial capital, human capital, and institutional best practices.

While primarily known as a capital advisor to next-generation and middle-market real estate investment managers, Incucap has been actively advising on human capital needs as well as principally investing into entrepreneurial operating companies and strategies for over a decade.

“When I launched Incucap in 2011, my vision was to create a platform that would provide the best young investment professionals with all of the tools, services, and capital needed to launch the next big real estate platform. After a decade plus, I’m excited to expand our offerings so that we can be an even better partner to our current relationships and guide the next wave of emerging talent,” said Managing Partner, Jonathan Glick.

About Incucap

Incucap advises and invests in entrepreneurial investment managers seeking to build scale and grow into institutional platforms. Based in Chicago, Incucap’s team is comprised of 10 professionals with extensive investment, fundraising and human capital expertise across all facets of real estate private equity.

Since inception in 2011, Incucap has executed over 20 capital formation mandates, including 10 first-time real estate ventures, resulting in the placement of $6 billion of capital into institutional real estate vehicles, companies, and direct investments on a global basis.


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